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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Customer Support Day

We are here at LaShaun Daye Hair Studio

Just taking a few moments to physically check in with one of my clients, Lashaun Daye -Perdue..

Lashaun Daye Hair Studio has been in business since early 1997. We have worked with Lashaun Daye Hair Sudio, creating art images and marketing material on and off since 2002.

Lashaun and I were able to chat a bit over lunch the other day. This gave us a chance to catch up with what's new with our businesses and what direction we feel the need to pursue.
In my mind this is always good. An unskoken perk of Hiawatha D. art & design. Now a days it is rare to have a business owner sit with you and break bread just because.

Of course it relates to marketing my business, I get a chance to understand a little better of who I am doing business with and they get a chance too see that I am real and I appreciate their business.

Sometimes we get so bogged down that we forget simple things that make
it worth doing what we do.

It is a privalage to have a long term relationship with a vibrant succesful company like Lashaun Hair Studio.


Hiawatha D.

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New Clients

As we come to end of February, we communicated with our current customers and clients while continuing to build strong working relationships with our new customers.

Discounts, Door Prizes, and Free Shipping. It is a delicate balance trying to decide how much service is too much service to give away.

When it comes to art and graphic design, people have a lot of choices these days. When you choose Hiawatha D. art & design, we do our best to provide you with good customer service, good design, and work within your budget.

We believe that these simple things are not always easy but are well worth it and are part of the basic tools needed to earn your appreciation for our art services.

Customers and Clients are people too!


Hiawatha D.

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