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Friday, June 1, 2012

Small B2B

Today was a good day.  I sat down with another small business. As they go through their e-commerce  debut using a  couple of large companies for their initial web and internet presence, they reached out to me for my unique graphic design and marketing services to help make sure their web and social media campaigns are consistent.

Straight talk between myself and the business owners, a father and son team, on how they see us working together during the next several months, setting goals and building a solid work relationship.

I am pleased to say we were able to reach a weekly hour commitment and a reasonable hourly fee.
I know together we will generate great results.

Word of mouth goes a long way.

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Image Quality

Its important not to use distorted photos or graphics!

Vector and raster are two terms you’ve probably heard before, and if you’re not a graphic designer, you might not be 100% clear on the difference between the two. As a small business owner, it’s important to have a general knowledge of these terms. Why? Because when it comes to your logo, you should be sure you receive the appropriate formats from your graphic designer so you have the flexibility to use your logo when and where you want to!

Raster Graphics: Pixel Perfect
A pixelated image is called a raster graphic. A pixelated file consists of a number of little grid squares filled with color. Together, these tiny squares (or pixels) of color create an image, such as your logo.

Raster graphics are resolution dependent. The higher the number of pixels perinch, the higher the resolution of the image. Websites are 72 pixels per inch (or PPI), whereas newspapers are around 200 PPI and magazines are at least 300 PPI. You may have also heard the term DPI, which means dots per inch.

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