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Monday, January 14, 2013

Logo Design

A few weeks ago I participated in an on going conversation with one the few social  graphic design groups I belong to.  The topic was 'Logo Design $10 or $100 thou.

Most of the comments from fello artists and graphic designers agreed that it depends on the customer's budget but defiantly more is better than less when one is trying to build something that represents their brand.  Yes you can get cheap design or design on a dime type solutions but for the most part you want to hire a designer that you can work with.  One who can deliver a message/image to the public that speaks to your core customer profile.

I do believe good design is good design.  In other words your logo needs to market your business in an effective manner, attracting potential customers and clients.

This is how I approach logo design or any kind of design.  I think it is important to build some sort of business relationship with each of my customers or clients.   I realize, although, I am working for you, at the same time I am working for myself.  At the end of the day what I create for your business represents me and my business.  So there is a natural desire to create something that we are both are proud of and we both agree represents your brand.

To accomplish this, it takes time, a creative process, and communication.   When you add these items up it equals a substantial bit more then $10.00.


Hiawatha D.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting started in 2013

New customers New projects
Logo design for a Doctor's block and new web service
.  Logo design and website design for a frozen food company
.  A redesign of the Festival Sundiata's web site
.  Redesign the we app studio's web site
.  Framing all of the art work for the newly remolded office of the new CEO of Urban League of   Metropolitan Seattle
.  N2U Radio Talk,  show guess 4th friday of each month:  The business of Art by Hiawatha D.
.  Curator for the Festival Sundiata Black Arts Fest Black Art Exhibit
.  Board Member for he Jame & Janie Washington Foundation
.  Borad Member for Folklife
.  Mentor for YMCA Scholars program
.  Mentor for the PACE program

Hopefully this will get me to February so we can start some more designs, projects and business relationships.

Happy New Year!


Hiawatha D.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I am looking to do more with what i have to offer!
Anyone looking for artwork / graphic design / web maintinence / mural project artist / after school art instructor / hand made journal workshop instructor/ painting class instructor / perspective drawing class instructor / computer design instructor and or a public outreach engagement liaison 
give them my number


Hiawatha D.