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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Independent workers are especially vulnerable to unpaid wages
Freelancers Union’s annual surveys demonstrate that client nonpayment is a persistent and growing challenge for independent workers, Seventy-seven percent reported having trouble getting paid at some point in their freelance careers. In the last year alone, forty-four percent of independent worker respondents had trouble getting paid.

I thought that I was the only one dealing with this problem! Until I read this article on the Freshbooks website.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Work Long Time Client

Hello everyone, what I was trying to explain in an earlier post, is that sometimes a repeat customer can very well turn into a long time friend and a good client at the same time.

I just received a work order and a referral from a member of a nonprofit organization who happens to be a good friend. I have worked for these guys, creating marketing material, on and off since 1998. Back when I only knew Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Publisher and a little bit of Pagemaker 5.0.

It's amazing how we all get so busy doing our work, trying to live life and play. By the time we reach out or we catch up with one another two or three years has past us by.

I don't know if we can slow down time but I do know that I appreciate good clients and good friends.


Hiawatha D.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Facebook changes?

Say goodbye to the custom FaceBook Fan Page as you know it. Facebook is going to make all pages read like the new Timeline format.  In the new Timeline format you can not have any call to action message, sign or symbol!

"Remember, the average user in social media has the attention span of a gold fish. Reports have shown that the majority of user time is spent looking at images, so hop on the Timeline bandwagon before your competitors drink you under the Facebook table".
~ North Social

Thursday, March 1, 2012

LWA Banner Project

Lake Washington Apartment Banner Project
Rainier Beach, Seattle, WA 2011

A Graphic Design Workshop for Middle school and High Schools students. 

As lead artist on this project, I engaged the interns during the introduction of the project outline.  I helped them understand that their participation is a vital part of building a community in which they can proudly see themselves.  I offered the interns respect, responsibility, and ownership as I thanked them.  They helped in the planning and design of each of these banners.  Once they saw the pieces coming together in front of their eyes they were excited and couldn't wait to see their project completed.

Well here they are, looking good, hanging up and all done.


Hiawatha D.